Friday, June 7, 2013

T = Kx

"People are not fools like you!
They know how to put 2 and 2 together!!"

How often have you heard someone say this to you?

Truth be told, at least from my point of view; there would be only a handful of people who would be granted the liberty of making such a statement. Your reaction to an instigation of this extent depends completely on your frame of mind at that precise moment.

Do you have a bloated ego? Do you trust the person enough who is judging you? Are you ashamed of your actions? Do you sincerely feel that you were unaware of how your actions would be construed? Do you care what people around you think of you? Or Do you accept that you are a indeed a fool?

How the human mind interprets such a situation can have a lasting impact on your perception of life, your priorities and goals. I have seen numerous people react differently. While some would take it as a personal challenge to defy all odds to prove a point, the others will propel themselves into abyss and let the darkness manifest itself shrouding all capabilities of achievement marred by low confidence until the mind is totally consumed.

In one of my recurring phases of self isolation, I decided to paint a scenery in my mind with a cast and a compelling story.While I immersed my soul in living out the figments of imagination conjured, there were a few traits about the protagonist that stood out. While the story line had many elements that were constantly trading places, ideas and consummating the screen; the protagonist had his eyes on only his goal. It seemed that anything and everything around him did not exist save his aspiration. Every action of his was accentuated towards the attainment of his goal. What he did not realize was that every step that he took towards achieving his aim, the other elements on the canvas interpreted in a manner intrinsic to themselves. What this resulted in was a cascade of events that eventually deterred the protagonist in clasping the hands of his only goal. While he stretched his hands out desperately to grab hold of his dreams, the latter pulled itself away from him ridiculing him for his focused drive and motivation. The world seemed to cave in on the protagonist and he was sucked into the never ending cylinder of distress with all the lust for life washed away. It is indeed a pity and a fallacy that dedication did not get him anywhere.

A person may be a man of few words, but this person must choose his words carefully. Given this era where little disappointments can create massive turbulence; there is a growing need to motivate. It would be worthwhile to look back in one's life and identify those moments where we said those few bitter words to someone not realizing their impact then. Today that person may be living a life that you condemned him to.

Are you ready to bear the responsibility if something drastic were to happen?

Are you willing to make amends?

Or, You simply don't care!   

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